New Tax rates

According to recent reports, there are some big changes coming to your tax this coming year.

1) The American Taxpayer Relief Act was established in 2012. There has been on minor change to this amendment. There is a 7th one included now. According to reports, these filings now fall under the 39.6% bracket.
a) Married Filing Separately, making $228,800
b) Unmarried Filing Separately, making $406,750
c) Head of Household, making $432,200
d) Married Filing Jointly, making $457,600

W-4 FORM – Understanding and Filling out your W4 form

In order to receive payments from a company you work for, they will require you to fill out a tax form known as a W-4.
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This allows the company to submit the proper tax information, to the government, showing that you are employed with them so the proper tax schedule can be assessed, and the right amount in taxes, are withheld.

The form must be filled out correctly in order for the right amount in taxes, is withheld. If it isn’t filled out correctly, you could have more or less in your paycheck, than you thought and intended.

Tax refund Calculator


Tax season is such a hard time for most people. This is because you never know if your going to have to pay back money to the internal revenue service, or with luck receive a much needed refund.

Everyone who works a job in the US, has to pay taxes, sometimes a person can overpay for the year and then can receive a refund of the overpaid taxes.