Tax deadlines

Businesses that have employees need to have issued W2 forms by February 2015 for the previous year. These same businesses will need to have Copy A of the 1099 and W2 forms sent to the IRS by March 2.
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Individual taxes for the previous year are due on April 15, and 2015 taxes for sole proprietorships and self-employed filers have to be sent in by April 15 next year.
Tax deadlines of 2015
Major Business Tax Deadlines
Corporate taxes from Form 1120 are due on March 16. Those who have an S Corporation arrangement also need to file Form 1120S by March 16. Those who want to have to their business treated as this type of corporation for the rest of the year need to have IRS Form 2253 filed by this date as well.

Taxes in Barbados

Income tax began in Barbados in 1921, however, in 1969 the program was revamped and the Income Tax Act Cap. 73 took effect. It has been amended and adjusted over time to the tax laws and regulations we have in Barbados today. Income tax is paid on property, businesses, offices and employment.
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According to the Barbados Revenue Authority, the 2015 taxable income amounts are unchanged from previous years.

taxes in Barbados
Individual Income Taxable beginning in 2009 and through the current year is:

  • 20% is payable on the first $24,200.00 of taxable income

Taxes in China

The Chinese tax rates are rather set in stone. They are easy to look over and to determine. Best of all, these tax rates do not change often. The last time the taxes where changed happened in September of 2011.
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This makes it easier to avoid any possible issues that might come when annual tax changes are made to the brackets. This is a listing of all the current income tax rates for inside of China.Taxes in China 2015

  • When making between 0 and 1500 RMB, the tax rate is 3 percent and there is 0 quick deduction.