Taxes in Cyprus

Cyprus has been steadily increasing its presence in the news lately due to the economic downshift that the country has suffered. For a short while it seemed that the possibility of removing Cyprus from the Eurozone had disappeared.
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However, more recently those in positions of authority have brought back an idea established in 2011 that estimated what type of an impact Cyprus would experience if it were to exit the Eurozone.

Taxes in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a government with a chief executive officer who is a part of a special administrative region or SAR. A state council is a part of this one country with two systems of government.
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Hong Kong is financially dependent on the government of the People’s Republic of China for its defense and for its foreign affairs.Taxes in Hong Kong 2015

The tax system in Hong Kong is an indicator of its culture and social norms. The personal income rate for this country is relatively light compared to other systems of taxation in other countries. Hong Kong’s personal income tax averages to be around 15.36 percent, and has ranged from a low of fifteen percent to a high of sixteen percent over the past decade. Personal income tax is levied against personal income, pension plans, interest and dividend yields.

Taxes in Ireland

Ireland’s Individual and Corporate Tax Rates for 2015
Every country on the world has a different way of taxing their citizen’s, including Ireland. They have a simple tax system that is free from constant fluctuation that can occur in countries that constantly change their tax rates.

Ireland has undergone some controversy in regards to their taxation system, which is uniquely simple. This article will discuss information regarding their taxation of both individuals and corporations.