Tax Free Weekends & Days in the US

When you hear the word taxes many of us begin to cringe inside and want to go and hide away somewhere. Let’s be honest most of us don’t like hearing about taxes or tax season.

We just don’t. We hate doing them and we hate giving our money away, especially when we have earned the money for ourselves.

But what if the taxes I’m discussing is something completely different? What if that the tax free days I will be discussing is something of a benefit to you? That might change your mindset a little bit, right? Well the subject I will be talking about is the idea of tax free days and weekends here in the US.

And these tax free days and weekends are all designed to save you money and especially the parents. Because think about it, we spend so much annually on our kids, but what if the tax free weekends and days can help you to put money back into your wallet, instead of taking it out?days

Now in general these tax free days apply to merchandise and yet other can apply to disaster preparedness or to energy star products. Now most of the tax free days and weekends will take place in August. And this is due mainly to the idea of parents taking their kids for back-to-school shopping. When August comes around every year parents start to think about back-to-school. And so why not take advantage of that time with extra savings and the withholding of any sort of tax. When it comes to Energy saving an emergency preparedness they will take place throughout the year, not just in August.

If you are looking for specific states the above table will give you the information you require for the tax free days and weekends in the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland. And these are just a few of the states that take part in the tax free weekend and days. But with the tax free days you have to plan ahead and make sure that you are not just buying things you don’t need. Don’t just do it to take advantage of the savings. So do some shopping around first. And make sure that you are really getting the savings that you need and deserve. Just because something is offered during the tax free days and weekends doesn’t mean that the products you buy will give you the full savings and value. Once you have your list do some investigating to find out what months other than August that your state will offer these savings. And make sure you are going on those days. And one of the biggest items that you can advantage of is the clothing and other relatable items.taxfree

Now if your state does not offer a tax free savings day and weekend you might want to consider going to a neighboring state so that you take part. Or contact your local state representative.