Tax refund Calculator

Tax season is such a hard time for most people. This is because you never know if your going to have to pay back money to the internal revenue service, or with luck receive a much needed refund.

Everyone who works a job in the US, has to pay taxes, sometimes a person can overpay for the year and then can receive a refund of the overpaid taxes.

Refunds can be substantial, especially if a person is eligible for earned income credit, which can give a person a substantially large refund, sometimes in the thousands. If you are wanting to know for sure if you will receive a refund, then the tax refund calculator available here – – is a great tool for this very thing.


taxestimatorWith today’s online tax software it is so easy to calculate your taxes to see if you are even eligible for a refund. This Tax refund calculator (click on the image on the left) is a great tool for this, and can let you know with in a couple of minutes, if you will get a refund, or have to pay. The calculator starts out by you inputting some personal information in, like marital status, age, and filing status. Then upon entering this info, you will be prompted to enter your taxable wages, federal withholding, state withholding, and unemployment income. When this process is done you can look to the side of the page and you will see your calculations.

After doing this you can now enter your spouses income, and if you have any other incomes such as business income. And then the tax software will again adjust your calculations. Also this online software is usually free, and easy to use: has won of the best online software tax calculators. This great online software can estimate whether you are going to receive a refund, or have to pay tax money to the IRS. This software is easy to use. Just go to and use the online calculating software. Not having to worry yourself to death at the end of the year when tax season comes around will be such a load off of a tax payers mind and, in the following video you will find more information and useful tips, about this subject.

So, no body likes surprises especially when it comes to tax season. Turbo tax has a really good tax refund calculator called the “Tax Caster”. You can estimate your refund with in seconds and you can also adjust calculations to receive a much better refund as well. With all of the worries that working people have to face, day in and day out, it would be great if tax season would be much easier on them!